Hikono, 7 days, Feb 2017, William Eggleston from Los Alamos

As Yumeji Painted His Beloved Woman

I took portraits of my newly born third daughter Hikono mostly everyday with my favorite photobooks in my shelf from one week old when she was brought home from the hospital till one month old when she got the doctor's approval to go out after the first health checkup. Making me imagine as if my daughter was taken a photograph from those photographers... refraining Yumeji Takehisa painting his beloved woman Hikono Kasai.
This is the only communication I found for her and me, and I believe with the world was by taking portraits of her. I have accompanied favorite photobooks from my bookshelf because I truly see as the possibility of a child is limitless.
What kind of future will my daughter have?
Thinking that every children has infinite possibilities and every directionality while I was taking these portraits.



Hikono, 7 days, Feb 2017, William Eggleston from Los Alamos
Hikono, 9 days, Feb 2017, Larry Fink from Social Graces
Hikono, 10 days, Feb 2017, Alex Webb from Istanbul
Hikono, 10 days, Feb 2017, Garry Winogrand from Garry Winogrand: SFMOMA
Hikono, 10 days, Feb 2017, Martin Kollar from Nothing Special
Hikono, 11 days, Feb 2017, David Graham from Land of the Free
Hikono, 12 days, Feb 2017, Martin Parr from The Last Resort
Hikono, 13 days, Feb 2017, Cristobal Hara from An Imaginary Spaniard
Hikono, 13 days, Feb 2017, Lars Tunbjork from Office
Hikono, 14 days, Feb 2017, Henri Cartier-Bresson from Mexican Notebooks
Hikono, 16 days, Feb 2017, Richard Kalvar from Earthlings
Hikono, 16 days, Feb 2017, Nobuyoshi Araki from Tokyo: A City Heading for Death
Hikono, 17 days, Feb 2017, Jacob Holdt from United States, 1970-1975
Hikono, 18 days, Feb 2017, Vivian Maier from Vivian Maier: Street Photographer
Hikono, 19 days, Feb 2017, Jean Gaumy from A l'est de Magnum, 1945-1990
Hikono, 20 days, Feb 2017, Harry Gruyaert from Lumieres Blanches
Hikono, 21 days, Feb 2017, Alice Attie from Harlem on the Verge
Hikono, 22 days, Feb 2017, Bruce Gilden from Street Photography Now
Hikono, 23 days, Feb 2017, Cheryl Dunn from Festivals Are Good
Hikono, 24 days, Feb 2017, Philip Brookman from Redlands
Hikono, 25 days, Feb 2017, Elliott Erwitt from To the Dogs
Hikono, 26 days, Feb 2017, Nan Goldin from The Ballad of Sexual Dependency
Hikono, 27 days, Feb 2017, Herb Ritts from Rolling Stone: The Photographs
Hikono, 28 days, Feb 2017, Craig Semetko from Unposed
Hikono, 29 days, Feb 2017, Stephen Shore from American Surfaces
Hikono, 30 days, Feb 2017, Ken Domon from The Children of Chikuho
Hikono, just one month old, Tsujido Park, Fujisawa, 26 Feb 2017