Three Sisters, Omachi, Kamakura, Mar 2018

One Two Three

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air. You can never capture it again."
- Eric Dolphy

Just click the shutter to the moment in the life of my family.
Definitely I heard the kind of music while clicking these moments, unposed, unstaged moments exists there.
It's like Jazz, the improvisations in Jazz. If I missed it, it’s gone in the air, I can never capture it again, as Eric Dolphy said.

I lost my father who had stage four lung cancer in 2017 (Dad with Lung Cancer).
When I organized my father’s belongings at my parents’ house I found so many pictures of my childhood that my mother took—most of these I had never seen before.

Me and sister, 1978, from my mother's archives
Me, sister and father, 1979, from my mother's archives
Me and my friends, 1980, from my mother's archives
Me, 1980, from my mother's archives
Father and me, 1980, from my mother's archives
Me and my friend, 1983, from my mother's archives

 Pictures of my childhood, from my mother's archives.

After that, I'm summarizing these photographs as an on-going project to show my mother who are alone in the parents house, and above all, I'm trying to increase the time of parent-child communication through these photographs with my three daughters, and to improve their self-esteem.

They show me such beautiful moments, I think it’s a gift, the gift of a beautiful moment they gave, these extreme gifts appear in front of me, I can’t help but catch them.
Capturing the moment is the same as street photography. I try to capture it from a viewpoint beyond the personal space to share it with viewers like street photography.

If someone ask me "Are these photos then art, or life?", I want to say that ‘life is art’. I never called my photography ‘art’, but definitely, they show me what I feel art to be.

Yumeji, PIC Guam Hotel, 9F, Tumon, Guam, Aug 2011
Yumeji and Chika, Togendai, Hakone, July 2012
Yumeji and her friend Chinatsu, Sakurayama, Zushi, Sep 2012
Chika, Yumeji, and Cherry, Shichigosan, the “Seven-Five-Three” year old ceremony, Omachi, Kamakura, Nov 2012
Yumeji and Cherry, New Year's Day, Omachi, Kamakura, Jan 2013
Yumeji, Sagami Sansen Park, Ebina, Aug 2013
Yumeji, Lake Yamanakako, Yamanashi, Aug 2013
Yumeji and Cherry, Omachi, Kamakura, Feb 2014
Cherry, Yumeji and Kotoyo, Omachi, Kamakura, Dec 2014
Yumeji, Zushi Beach, Shinjuku, Zushi, Feb 2015
Yumeji, Hinamatsuri, Myohonji Temple, Omachi, Kamakura, Mar 2015
Kotoyo, four months old, Omachi, Kamakura, Apr 2015
Yumeji, Hinamatsuri, Omachi, Kamakura, Mar 2016
Kotoyo, Kailua, Hawaii, Mar 2016
Yumeji and Kotoyo, Omachi, Kamakura, Sep 2016
Kotoyo and Yumeji, Shichigosan, Omachi, Kamakura, Nov 2016
Hikono and Kotoyo, Omachi, Kamakura, Feb 2017
Kotoyo, Chika, and Hikono, Omachi, Kamakura, Dec 2017
Three Sisters, Omachi, Kamakura, Mar 2018
Three Sisters, Myohonji Temple, Omachi, Kamakura, June 2018
Three Sisters, Omachi, Kamakura, Aug 2018
Hikono, staying at home, the first experience of Pizza, Omachi, Kamakura, Sep 2018
Kotoyo and Hikono, Omachi, Kamakura, Nov 2018
Three Sisters, Omachi, Kamakura, Dec 2018
Three Sisters, New Year’s Day, Komachi, Kamakura, Jan 2019